Whether you’re thinking of a career change or looking for your first job, working with Let’s Recruit can open up a large network of clients. We spend time getting to know you, your needs and your goals, and as a result, focus on connecting you with the right companies and career opportunities.

Why use Let’s Recruit when you can send your CV to companies directly?

Here are the advantages of using Let’s Recruit to represent you:

1. There is NO cost to you the candidate!

2. Time saving. Searching for the ideal position can be difficult and time-consuming. Working with Let’s Recruit can open up a large network of clients who are looking for staff

3. You gain access to the “hidden” job market. Some job vacancies are either confidential or simply not posted on a job board and will only appear via a specialist recruitment agency, such as Let’s Recruit. Many companies do not use national job boards because they know they are too time-consuming (going through all of the resumes- screening qualified and not qualified applications, calling, interviewing, etc.)

4. Get noticed, get hired! Let’s Recruit can optimise a job seeker’s employability. We take the time to demonstrate why you’re the right candidate by making sure that the most relevant skills for the job are highlighted throughout your CV.

5. Interview less. With an in-depth understanding of what companies look for in candidates, your interviews will end up being a lot more focused and relevant to your educational background, skill set and career goals.

6. Secure and Confident. A company paying a recruitment agency to fill a position is financially strong, ready to hire and committed. Our clients want the best candidate, not just any candidate, and they are willing to pay for the perfect match as it is often a critical position. Let’s Recruit have strong client relationships based on past success and you are presented by our client’s trusted source as a ‘Candidate of Choice’ rather than through your own introduction.

7. We prepare you for success. Let’s Recruit can provide you with valuable insight on the company and the culture of the company.

8. Take some anxiety out of your job search. Let’s Recruit will look out for your best interest. Working with us serves as a communication channel between you and our client. If either party’s needs must be refined or redefined, Let’s Recruit takes quick action to notify the other of the change and how it may affect the match. It’s all about handling the details and communicating essential information to both parties in order to make the perfect match.

9. Maintain control of your resume. It’s really easy to forget what you’ve applied for and lose track of which companies you already sent your CV to. Let’s Recruit will always provide you with our client details to which your CV is submitted and create a process to manage and follow up on your job applications.

10. Longevity and long-lasting relationships. Let’s Recruit is far more than the middleman between candidates and clients. We act as council, confident and matchmaker in the employment market. Because Let’s Recruit possesses valuable insight of both the candidate and the employer – when a match is made it’s far more likely to be a match that lasts.